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7 Awesome Benefits of Building a Custom Home With Timber Framing

Timber framing is as popular as ever when it comes to designing and building a custom home. Read more here about the many benefits of timber frame trusses today.

Are you thinking of building a custom home? If so you are not alone.

According to reports, custom homes make up over 20% of new constructions.

Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to design it to your specific needs, and create a home that matches your style and is unique.

One of the design choices you can make that will truly set your home apart is timber framing. Timber framing is not only timeless and beautiful from a design perspective, but it also has a number of practical advantages as well.

The framing and construction method you choose for your new home will heavily influence its aesthetic, your layout choices, its lifespan.

Are you unfamiliar with the benefits of timber framing? If so, keep reading to get informed on the many advantages of timber framing.

1. Timber Frame Trusses Are Incredibly Strong

One of the big pros to building with timber framing is that timber frame trusses are highly durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Depending on the type of timber and the construction quality, homes with timber framing can last anywhere from 50 to several hundred years if maintained properly.

Besides this, according to NAHB, timber frame homes also have a higher fire resistance than stick frame homes. Timber framing can also stand up to Zone 4 seismic activity. In other words, timber frame homes are suitable for areas that are nearest to active earthquake faults that hold the greatest seismic hazard in the country.

Lastly, hurricane and tornado strength winds don't affect timber framing constructions as much as other homes. This is because the joinery used to hold timber frame trusses together yields flexibility and allows timber frame homes some "give" when rocked by strong winds.

2. Timber Framing Is Attractive and Unique

Not only is timber framing highly durable, but it will also stand the test of time design-wise.

One of the benefits of timber framing is that it's both attractive and timeless.

Timber framing as we know it dates back to medieval times and beyond. It was the primary technique for building homes in the US all the way from the 17th century to the middle of the 19th century.

Now, timber framing stands out as iconic and stylish amid the newer building styles. It brings a sense of superior quality and yields unique architectural character.

It's just about impossible for a timber frame home to feel cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill, or mass-produced.

3. Timber Framing Can Suit a Variety of Design Styles

Besides being aesthetically impactful, timber graming can also be adapted to suit a variety of design styles.

Are you drawn towards rustic interiors and home design? If so, hand-hewn timber frame trusses are perfect for creating this intentional rustic base.

On the other hand, maybe you lean more towards organic modern design styles, such as Scandinavian, bohemian, wabi-sabi, or organic post-modern? In this case, you can opt for sleeker beams in the wood tone of your choice.

4. You Don’t Need Load-Bearing Walls

Another of the top reasons to use timber frames in your home is that you won't need load-bearing walls.

Because the timber framing itself is load-bearing, this cuts down the need for load-bearing walls to take the weight of the roof and beams.

If you want to plan an open design concept or be able to pick and choose where walls go, not having to put up load-bearing walls is ideal. This gives you ultimate flexibility over your interior layout and space planning.

Additionally, timber framing also gives you more flexibility when it comes to door and window placement.

5. Timber Frame Custom Home Constructions Are Relatively Fast

One of the practical benefits of timber framing is that it can speed up construction times. In many cases, a lot of the timber framing for your home can be pre-fabricated off-site in advance.

When the timber framing arrives on site, the construction team can erect it in a shorter time frame. Not only does this speed up the construction process, but it is also easier for builders to get the framing up within available weather windows.

The faster your home can go up, the sooner you can move in, and the more you can save on labor.

6. Timber Frames Can Be a Green Building Method

Timber framing is a natural building material that typically does not leach toxic fumes into the air. It is also a renewable resource and a carbon sink. The exact amount of carbon contained in wood depends on the species, but on average 50% of the mass in wood is carbon.

What's more, the energy requirement for harvesting and processing wood beams is low. In fact, it is the lowest of all building materials, which further reduces the environmental footprint of timber framing.

7. Timer Frame Homes Are Energy-Efficient

Another of the environmental (and wallet-related) benefits of building with timber framing is that timber frame homes are usually more energy-efficient.

Wood has higher insulation properties than brick, concrete, or steel. Timber framing also allows more room for insulation materials than concrete or brick.

Better insulation means you won't need to consume as much energy for heating and cooling. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but it's also advantageous for your pocket.

When building or choosing a new home, it's always wise to not only think about the upfront cost but the running costs as well. Upfront costs are a once-off, but running costs keep going month after month.

Are You Thinking of Building With Timber Framing?

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to timber framing. Timber framing is durable, long-lasting, resistant to fire, quakes, and hurricane and tornado strength winds.

It creates a beautiful and elegant design feature, which can be incorporated into a variety of home styles. The reduced need for load-bearing walls also gives you more design flexibility.

Besides being attractive and exceptionally sturdy, timber framing is also a green building method and offers enhanced insulation properties.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of timber framing, we are the people to speak to. We specialize in timber framing design, fabrication, and installation consultation for structural and non-structural timber elements.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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