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The Nelson’s Project

Timber Trusses and Components

Timber frame trusses, posts and beams and timber brackets can be structural or decorative. In hybrid timber frame builds, where conventional building techniques and materials are combined with heavy timber elements to maximize savings, structural timber trusses and beams can bear on stick built or concrete walls to support roof or floor systems. No matter what size project, we can help you find the right balance to meet your aesthetic and budgetary goals.

20131 Grove Street

Timber Frame Porches

Timber frame porches, covered decks, and entries can be added to most new builds or existing structures to give a beautiful and welcoming look to your home or business. 

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Rest

With imagination and engineering, we strive to help you build the structure of your dreams. From stand alone pergolas and pavilions to heavy timber trim to decorative gable elements, we love helping to make your vision a reality.

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