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Our Products and Services

Structural and Decorative Timber Trusses

There are many types of timber trusses. Some of the more common types are:

King Post, Scissor, Parallel Cord, Hammer Beam, Mono, Fink and Attic.


We have fabricated many beautiful and unique trusses over the years from creative architects, engineers and designers and are always ready for a new design and fabrication challenge.

Timber Frame Components 

Timber Frame elements can be incorporated into any part of your build. From timber rafters and ridge beam in a great room to post and beams in a lobby to timber brackets or trusses in gables.

We are happy to design timber components that meets your design and budget needs. 

Hand Hewn Eastern White Pine.jpg
Timber Eyebrow.jpg
Timber Eyebrow.jpg

Timber Frame Kits

Custom, ready to assemble timber frame kits can include event pavilions, barns or sheds, pergolas,  gazebos, porches, and homes.

Each Timber Frame kit is custom designed to meet the clients needs. All timbers are precut and predrilled with all hardware included. Some timber elements like trusses and brackets are pre-assembled when possible.

Glulam Timber  Components

Often projects will require stronger or larger timber elements in order to span longer distances or bear greater point loads. Glue laminated timbers can be a solution to those engineering challenges and they look beautiful as well.

Timber Frame Design and Engineering

For each project we create a 3D drawing of the timber frame from the architectural drawings or design sketches. This allows the customer to better visualize the timber frame components and make modifications until they are happy with design and cost of the package.


All structural timber frame components are reviewed and sealed by a licensed engineer.

About The Timber

Common Species

  • Douglas Fir

  • Eastern White Pine

  • White and Red Oak

  • Western Red Cedar


  • Surfaced (smooth)

  • Re-Sawn (rough)

  • Wired Brushed

  • Hand or Radius Hewn

  • Stop Chamfer Edges

  • Draw Knife Edges

Connection Type

  • Hidden Joinery

  • Custom Steel Plates

  • Mortise and Tenon

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